At least 5 million people are sexually harassed at work every year in the United States

The majority of people deal with sexual harassment alone.

There are a number of reasons as to why people don't come forward about sexual harassment: 


  • They are worried people might not believe them, dismiss their concerns;

  • They feel guilty;

  • They fear they might face some kind of retaliation;

  • They don't want it to become an issue of public scrutiny;

  • And lastly, they are worried that nothing changes or that the harassment becomes worse once they report it. 

These are all valid reasons, yet we want people to be able to be their best self and feel safe in their workplace.

This is why all initial phases of the reporting will be done anonymously, until the official complaint is filed to the individual's workplace. All support offered on Metta Space will also be anonymous, whether it's counseling sessions or sharing experiences in the forums. 

By doing this, we try to help users feel more comfortable with coming forward and safe while having to deal with incidents. 

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